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5 minutes with Zuku Jewellery

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More than just accessories, Maija from Zuku Jewellery aims to create wearable avant-garde pieces that are unique in design and made by hand. We picked Maija's brains on how she got her start in jewellery-making and what her favourite local spots are.

What made you launch your label?
I wanted to create jewellery that was different from what else is out at the moment. I wanted to make unique pieces for people to treasure. 

Where/how did you learn your craft?
I studied design at COFA and then specialised in jewellery design Enmore design centre. 

What is the most unexpected thing to come out of running your own label?
The people you meet along the way. Whenever I do a market I always meet so many interesting people. The Zuku look always creates a reaction which can be very entertaining.

What is your favourite fashion trend or colour at the moment and why?
I try not to follow trends if I can help it but I would have to say 2000s sunglasses are my favourite at the moment because I'm a big matrix fan and it makes me smile. 

Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
Probably my parents. Their knowledge of art history and culture have shaped who I am as a designer. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 and 10 years?
I would love for Zuku to be my full-time gig. 

The reason I love Sydney is..
Good friends and the sunshine. 

Best spot for brunch in Sydney is..
Rolling Penny in St Peters. I recommend the mushrooms. 

On Sundays I like to..
Work for penalty rates while I still can. 

Visit Zuku Jewellery at the first edition of New Form, on Sunday 8 October at 3 Gladstone Street in Enmore.
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