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Starting your own magazine in Australia - how Astrophe Magazine did it!


Starting a magazine, well, starting anything, is no easy feat. But in the dwindling fate of print, it takes a bold and brave entrepreneur to move against the stream. Sydney creatives Simone Taylor and Sinead Curry are two of those entrepreneurs, who firmly believed in their cause: "a magazine by babes, for babes". Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Simone and Sinead launched Astrophe Magazine - a beautiful, highly curated magazine that brings together stunning imagery accompanied by intriguing written pieces. We chat to founders Simone and Sinead about how they met, what made them launch Astrophe, and the most important thing they learnt from launching a Kickstarter campaign.

Where did you both meet?
Simone & Sinead: We met 7 or so years ago through friends and then found each other again through Instagram. After privately swooning over each other for months, we did a shoot together and hit it off. After many fun, creative chats we have a magazine!

What made you launch Astrophe?
Simone and Sinead: We both felt that when we were growing up, magazines taught us we needed to be “better”, and we wanted to celebrate women instead; just as they are, no matter what size, shape or skin colour. We also wanted to reclaim the female form and restore it to its rightful glory.

What is the most unexpected thing to come out of running Astrophe?
Simone: Just printing issue one was pretty unreal, and interviewing Bebe Buell who has been an idol of Sinead’s forever.

What is the best thing about being your own boss?
Simone: Creative freedom in every way.
Sinead: Working together to solve problems.

What is the one thing you struggle most with as a young independent business?
Simone and Sinead: Reaching people has been hard. Starting from scratch trying to get our message out there was always going to be challenging.

You guys raised funds for the first issue through pozible, what would you say is the most important thing when launching a fundraising campaign?
Sinead: Know your message. Why are you doing it? Know that.

Best spot for brunch in Sydney is..
Simone: Café Giulia (THE PANCAKES ARE GOOD).
Sinead: They’re the best in the world.

On Sundays I like to..
Simone: Sleep in, creative meeting with Sinead (involving music, cheese and wine), and then a little spring cleaning while watching a 70’s/80’s movie I haven't seen.
Sinead: See Simone. Eat chocolate. Listen to Iggy and the Stooges.

Astrophe Magazine is an official partner of New Form, and will be presenting an official exhibition of their prints on Sunday 8 October at 3 Gladstone Street in Enmore.
New Form is a curated market and hangout space for lovers of fashion and culture.

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