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With her ceramics, Gretel Corrie brings joy to everyday rituals!


From her studio in Chippendale, artist Gretel Corrie shapes "delightfully functional ceramics intended to bring joy to everyday rituals". We chat to the designer about what made her venture into ceramics, how she honed her craft and the best things about living in Sydney!

What made you launch your studio?
My ceramic practice came about through a weakness for handmade ceramics and working with clay was something that I really loved! I got a studio space after I studied ceramics at uni and here we areā€¦

Where/how did you learn your craft?
I did a community college wheel throwing class years ago which lead to me studying ceramics full time at uni. Whilst studying I got an internship with fellow ceramic lady, Milly Dent, she has taught me a lot! 

What is the most exciting moment for you so far?
This year has been a wonderfully busy year full of exhibitions, pop up stores and launching a website and so the idea that my love for ceramics is turning into a business is super exciting!

What is the most unexpected thing to come out of running your own business?
Making friends with people that make beautiful handmade things and swapping our handmade goods has meant I've started a special collection of ceramics, jewellery and clothing  

The reason I love Sydney is..
the ocean, Im very spoilt living in Bondi.

Best spot for brunch in Sydney is..
Iggys Bread (croissants)

Visit Gretel Corrie Ceramics at the first edition of New Form, on Sunday 8 October at 3 Gladstone Street in Enmore.
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